Our Services

There’s more to website design than just putting together a few HTML pages with eye catching images. A website must promote your products or services to the world, attract new business and capture information from interested visitors. Modern Web Solutions provides its clients with a full array of services covering all aspects of Internet marketing so as to free the clients to take care of what they do best.

Domain Registration – If you don’t already own your domain name, we will help you select an effective name and register it for you in your name.

Individulized Hosting – Your site will be hosted on well-equipped, fast, reliable and secure servers with 99.9{d639d6db0a28cec17a36145037fc66325b1d41072c69c6c3f4ee55c9c7fa7eec} uptime guarantee. We provide fast individualized 24×7 support over telephone.

Website Design – Our website design integrates areas such as your corporate identity, creative writing, ease of navigation, dynamic database, photographs, graphics, logos, scripts, content management system, customized shopping carts, etc. so as to convey the right perception of your business and engender confidence and trust in your products or services.

Web Site Maintenance – The way global business is done changes frequently, and that alone requires a regular maintenance program. You will also want to maintain your site to reflect the dynamics in your business. Search Engines change their indexing system in routine fashion. As a result, commercial web sites need to be monitored quite regularly.

Web Site Redesign – If your business has an existing Web Site that’s not reflecting the image you want your business to have, we can add the design elements that bring it to life and make it a cut above the rest.

Content Management System – Dynamic content is the ability to deliver on-the-fly website content, based on user input, a database, or other dynamic criteria. We can develop simple to complex systems that will allow you to add new information, locations, news or reports for the convenience of your customers.

Mobile Marketing – Mobile Marketing encompasses a number of strategies including building a mobile subscriber list so as to be able to send bulk text messages, call-and-response type of SMS system for sending a “keyword” to a listed “short code” number, building a mobile-friendly version of your website, sending mobile coupons that can be redeemed, mobile apps for push notifications, use of Quick Response (QR) Codes etc.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing has taken the world of business by storm. Facebook now has over 900 million active users, Twitter has 250 million, LinkedIn has over 130 million and Google+ has over 50 million. Of these, 15-20{d639d6db0a28cec17a36145037fc66325b1d41072c69c6c3f4ee55c9c7fa7eec} live in India. Used properly, social media can open up a lot of additional marketing avenues that can bring lots of customers to your website.

E-Commerce – At sometime or the other your web site will need to carry out secure online transactions. We have e-commerce solutions for online credit card processing on your website or booking request forms that gather all you need to know about your website visitors.

Search Engine Optimization – 85{d639d6db0a28cec17a36145037fc66325b1d41072c69c6c3f4ee55c9c7fa7eec} of website visitors come from search engines. A site with excellent design and content can be built, yet if people don’t know it exists, it will ultimately fail. That’s why search engine registration and optimization is a very important part of the entire website development process. We’ll get your site into the search engines and help you in your marketing decisions.

Web Site Promotion – In the global marketplace, you need to have a good marketing strategy to bridge the gap between your business and your potential customers. We can promote the benefits of your products or services by providing links from other related web sites, banner exchange programs, electronic newsletter etc.

Monitoring Feedback – Who is visiting your website? How did they find it? Which pages do they visit? What do they think about your services? What do they type into search engines? Our website statistics service provides answers to these questions.